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Laptop Training Solutions San Diego Computer Training School

In San Diego, California,one of the highest profile educational institutions that sold the benefits of getting A+, MCSE, CCNA or other computer certifications, computer education or computer training with them, is Laptop Training Solutions. To accord this school the importance it deserves, we have set up this page dedicated specifically to it and its spectacular failure.

If you have attended Laptop Training Solutions computer training center and feel it is has benefited you, or you have been ripped off, please contact us.

Laptop Training Solutions

Quality of facilities -
Price -
Accessibility -
Hours -
Accreditation None

Laptop Training Schools is closed.

Again this school has a strong Utah connection. Must be something about the church up there providing a strong support network and members of the congregation looking after each other. Or maybe that is where this whole "certification and a job" business started?

Much more affordable than most of the other schools, and "you get to keep the laptop!". Most study is done at home, so it is self paced and you can go into their lab for advice and one on one instruction as needed.

They have a special for July. Also one for August, September, October etc, get the picture? Anyway, the upshot is that you will be looking at about $12000 for the qualifications that the San Diego computer training schools believe are the minimum.

They use training and testing software from Testout, a company based in Utah (where else? that is where a lot of this computer certification training stuff started. See our Microskills page).

Because their courses are cheaper, and they advertise a lot, they have been known to make steam emerge from the ears of certain competitors. They don't have the fancy facilities of a school like Microskills, but you get your own laptop and you can take that anywhere, even to the beach and that seems like a nice classroom to me.

They had two locations, 8690 Aero Dr #101, San Diego, CA 92123 and one in San Marcos which moved there from Vista. Matt Kolesar is the mastermind of this particular enterprise. There are franchised locations as well, but they are completely independent of the San Diego county operation so nothing we say here about LTS applies to them.

Free laptop, unlimited attempts at the certification exams (conditions apply, such as 95% practice test score).

You may also want to go to another site we recommend. Here are the results of a search we did for Laptop Training Solutions at

Unfortunately, most LTS students are now in the position of Jorge Medina, who says:"Comment: I went to laptop training solutions they filed chp 13 and i am stuck with the loan and i can not apply for another student loan at another school."

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