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Feedback From Microskills Students

If you want to send in your concerns or just vent your frustration and anger, use our Contact Page. For a real measure of the emotion felt by the former students of Microskills, you can go to the forum that they set up. There are some pretty forthright accusations there!

Hello, I am a student currently enrolled at Microskills in San Diego and I have just received a letter stating that they are shutdown.  My guess is that the government was going to shut them down so they just beat them to the punch.  Many students are going to have to fight to get back any money they invested. Thank You, Shaun

I was told unofficially that Microskills was refunding the load money and that the students would not have to pay back the loans. I have a friend that had just went through a very simular situation where he was attending Laptop Soultions and that this had happened to himm and he told me that his student load which was the same amount as mine was frozen and that he had just received a letter in the mail just recently that the loan was dismissed.

What happens in these types of situations? What are students to do when this happens to them? I just can't go look for another school until this has been figured out.

I am a student of Microskills. I feel like I am being ripped off, definitely. Their advertising now greatly offends me and I am beginning to see the picture of how they operate. They aren't helping me to change my life for the better, they are ruining it. They are living up to their message, "Change your life with Microskills", just all in the wrong way. This is now incredibly insulting and I worry about my future and the tuition/loan situation I now have... so many questions and  so many time wasting efforts now to go through to get back on track! Just Friday, I overheard one of thier instructors saying to a couple fellow students that he was going to Cancun in a day or two, and this was said on the day they closed... damn them!  He knew! I know he had to know, damn them! I want my loan taken care of dammit! Ben

We responded: the worst thing must be having to wait till Monday to get answers from the BPPVE. Just hold on and hopefully you will get tuition reimbursement.

The instructor may have just been going on vacation. Companies tend to like keeping stuff like this a secret from employees in case they start legal action or vandalizing stuff or just plain slacking off.

Keep checking the site for updates or if you get any news, let me know. Paul

OMG i get home from work only to find out that my "school" closed its doors, WITHOUT warning>>>>> OH sure they have my Money, but where are my certs???? BULLSHYT DUPED in S

I would certainly NOT have enrolled in any of these schools had I know of your website beforehand. I've read through your Microskills postings and all of the points I see in my own experience there. Ben

I was going to Micro Skills with another student to help him out.  I am shocked by the actions of the school however It was clear that after Charley quit the school was going down hill quick!  Sure what are the students to do is a question on everyone's mind but as it was clearly stated contact BPPVE!  I know that they will refund the money.  I was a Laptop Training student and saw that to the end.  I know a little more about that then I would like to.  I can say that if a student took three years to get his or her money back from that school that is a load of crap.  Sure Matt didn't refund funds but when BPPVE came in it hasn't been that long.  Let's face it when someone tells you something Take it with a grain of salt.  I do hope students find a new school to go to or people are willing to start study groups because You all can complete the MCSE!  Please do not give up!  I know you might want to just try something new but If the school went Chapter 7 they have to sell hardware ETC to make back some of the money.  If we as students did it right we could find a place that didn't cost as much to rent or whatever and study there.  I want you all to remember that the Sky is the limit so there for Don't give up.  I believe in all of you!

We responded: Cory is right. Don't give up. But do your research. Check out every option and every school before signing on the dotted line. And the San Diego Computer Training Schools site is the place to do your research! Paul

See a followup response from Cory on the School Closure page

i think its really bad to just close like that and then to give us no info on i how to continue or to get our $ back. im still gonna get my mcse with the help of some of my friends from school but more info would be appreciated on how to start the process to get my $ back as i paid with mostly my own money. Kevin

We responded: The nice way to do things would have been to stop taking enrolments, announce the school is closing in six months and give students and staff the opportunity to make other plans. But this is business in the 21st Century. Paul

WOW, I actually thought the email was a joke from one of the instructors untill i saw the email address, and i couldnt get on the web site.  I think some of the instructors knew on Friday, becuase I saw the IT guy secretly moving monitors and down stairs, and eveyone knows micorskills doesnt have any class rooms down stairs.  I;m really p-OED right now.  I quit a great job to go to this school.  I was living off the GI Bill for the past two months and now I have to find a job.  I'm losing my mind right now.  I'm thinking about applying to ITT-Tech.  But I have heard bad stories about that school.  Us as students need to bond together and help each other get their refund and even get their Certs. Michael

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