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Feedback From Microskills Students (continued)

If you want to send in your concerns or just vent your frustration and anger, use our Contact Page.

We would LOVE to hear from any former Microskills staff members.

I still do not know why Microskills school close. What was the issue?? I will be at the school at 0800 this morning and also checking out New horizons. Ernie

The email address firouz@PARSASSETS.COM has been disabled, just like all of the emails for Microskills teachers. What really pisses me off is that I was 4 tests away from finishing. I would have finished but I got married, had a baby, the wife had complications towards the end of the happens ya know? But now an inch away from being done the school closes and Im stranded. This is awesome. Hopefully some corporate entity (the one that owns UOPhoenix perhaps) could come in and buy the school and re-open it knowing that it is a well known school and they could make money off of it. Chris

Our response: Good idea. There are many ways that this could have been done in a more positive manner, but that is business. Paul

I cannot begin to tell you what my weekend was just like. I have outstanding classes totalling over $25,000 from Microskills and not a word. I spoke with Tommy Castellanos, the Training Manager from Microskills on Wednesday night because they were stringing out the start of my next class till December. He told me to be patient and everything would be alright. Andy

I am sorry to hear that MicroSkills is closed.  It was a great school.  I had recommended it to everyone I know.  It would be nice if I could get the books for the two remaining classes. Jay

All of us are wondering, what happened and what happens now?  Please if any staff has information, or anyone else knows what the students should do, please post.  Hundreds of students made long term plans around this school, and now we are all left in the dark, which is an aweful feeling. Eric

This is certainly a shocker.  I was in the lab Thursday night and there was no indication this was going to happen.  Amy was even showing someone around the school.  The good news is that the Bureau is involved.  I had just worked out a deal with Tommy, Amy, and Charlie in September about taking the 2k3 track and had sat the XP class at the begining of the month which I signed up for as well.  It's too bad it went down the it did.  It could've been handled in such a better manner Justin

I was at school friday morning and all seemed business as usual. Career advisors were still showing students around for new enrollment and classes all went on as usual. Drew in the lab didnt act any different just as Jon my instructor for the class. I talked with Kathy, Jenn, Angela that day and all was ok. I know they had no idea what was going to happen. As for the post about the IT guys moving hardware out of the school, I cant comment on that I didn't see it. I am into the school for $25,000, quit  my job to go to school fulltime so this is quite a kick in the nuts. Everyone from students to staff is hurting on this. Please don't lay any blame on anyone until thngs come to light. Right now we are all victims. Lets keep the message board going with any new info or any contact info. My email address is if anyone has any info. Thanks. Dean

I was shocked by this closure as well.  I took out a Sallie Mae loan to take their courses and how I will get a refund I do not know.  Only about a week before I had went in to cancel my Cisco class because I was taking longer than I expected on the Microsoft tests yet I had no idea what was happening.  There was no indication they were closing.  I've already contacted that Richard Kipperman but I doubt I will hear back anytime soon.  I have contacted Sallie Mae and the BPPVE site but since I didn't get the email til late Friday, I doubt I will hear back from any of them today.  Once we get the final word on refunds, I would like to see if their will be a class action lawsuit if they refuse to give our money back.  The way they shut down was just way too shady for me.  I will definitely continue my studies but I'm not going to give them the chance to try and re-direct my anger at another school.  Refund only, then I can go search for something else. Andrew

I am so surprise about this! Can anybody please let me know what I can do to get my money back. My email is Please let me know what the current situation is. I was going to call Angela to set up my Exchange class. When I emailed her, it came back that the address was no longer there. I checked the website and got that message. Please anyone, let me know what I should do or contact. Thanks so much. Lee

This is a very sad day for all of the students here at Microskills.  It is very important for all of us to bond and fight this situation.  If someone knows a good Class Action lawyer, please post him or her on this website.
The group that met today agreed to show up everyday at Microskills to show our distain for this atrocious ending.
Remember this is now the begining of a new chapter in our lives.  The instructors always told us to work as a team.  That has become very true for all of us.  We must all fight this together as one large united team.
Keep this story going by calling your politicians and other news agencies.  After all this is an election year and as far as I'm concerned we should vote all the incumbents out.  This is another example of more out of control corporate greed and corruption.  This story needs legs.
Good luck to all!

Our response: The trouble with a class action lawsuit here is who do you sue. Someone who has filed for bankruptcy and may have no money.....

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