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Microskills Student Feedback
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Feedback From Microskills Students (continued)

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I think we all got screwed and should look into the legal matters of the Microskills closure.  I think everyone should watch what they post just in case they use that against you.  Myton

Ok, time for a quick lesson in business methods. Did anyone notice the actual NAME of the school? Microskills, LLC? Yeah, them last three letters are the kicker. Example: I have personal assets and I own a company. By having my company operate as an LLC, I can make investments, buyout other companies, do just about anything I want with COMPANY funds. Because it's an LLC, if things crap out, the COMPANY gets hit, while my PERSONAL ASSETS are PROTECTED.
So, while the idea of a class-action lawsuit is a good idea, we need to see if we can dig up any loopholes in the current laws regarding LLC's. I'm not trying to rain on anyones parade. I'm out a pile of cash as well, and certainly willing to be first one to sign on to a class-action lawsuit. Assuming, of course, that someone isn't already looking into it.

We were all shocked with what happened with Microskills.  Unfortunately I have to agree with Rodney that there isn't much that can be done without some research.  As a note to the staff, I always thought you were sincere and I appreciated all the assistance you gave.  If you guys ever set up shop somewhere else, let us know, I would like to finish what I started.  Thank you. JT

Fellow Microsoft students, if you'd like to find out if MicroSkills did anything illegal by closing so abrubtly you can call the San Deigo District Attorneys Consumer Fraud Department at this number 619-531-3507.  Myself and other students have already called and complained, the department has a dedicated Paralegal working on the situation.  When you call in tell them you are calling in about the closure of MicroSkills and they will direct you to the Paralegal, if you get the answer machine leave your name address and why you are calling and they will call you back within a couple of hours and send you a complaint form.  I hope you all call the DA's office and file a complaint.  i will also be there on Monday, I hope there is a 100% turnout. Michael

Technical Training Resources offers assistance

As the owners of Technical Training Resources we would like to provide those affected by the closing of Microskills some assistance.  We are not a private post-secondary institution (we are a corporate training facility), and therefore we are not looking to transfer any loans incurred from Microskills to our organization.
What we can offer is a location for Microskills students to get together to network to discuss their options and share information.  We would be interested in discussing other ways that we might be able to help, such as providing a temporary location that students could use to study for their Microsoft and Linux certifications.
If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, please attend an informational meeting @ Technical Training Resources on Thursday, October 26 at 6:30 PM.  Directions to Technical Training Resource can be found here:
Please call 858-689-2773 if you have any questions.

Dane Copeland

BPPVE To Answer Questions Next Monday

This is not from an official source but here is what we've been told:

Just wanted to let MicroSkills students know that if they had a student loan the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education is sending a representative to San Diego to speak with MicroSkills students about what we can do now.  The meeting is Monday, October 30 @ 10:00 at 7630 Carroll Road.  They will be answering any questions you may have. Toni

I have been affected by the Closure of Microskills, I lost almost $3,000 so far. Last monday I recieved a phone call from the company that is collecting the balance of my tuition, another $3,000. Jesus

Microskill students who have bank loans for their tuition should be careful about re-affirming their loan with the lending institution.  Some loan agreements may have provisions allowing thes students to assert the same defenses against the lender as they would against Microskills (i.e., the school is closed).  Students should consult with their own legal counsel. Howard Wayne

The school closed before i was able to take more then one test. the bank still wants the money for the loan. N. Llewis

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