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Microskills San Diego Computer Certification School
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What To Do If Your IT Training School Closes
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San Diego Computer School Reviews
Reviews Of Computer Colleges In San Diego, Including Microskills And Laptop Training Solutions.

San Diego Technical Training Alternatives
Some Other Ways Of Getting Cheap Or Free Computer And Technical Training In San Diego, CA.

San Diego Vocational School Feedback
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Computer Certifications such as MCSE, CCNA, etc
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San Diego Computer School Alternatives

All these schools are marked by being expensive. Some are spending around $50,000 on advertising per month. And who ends up paying for that advertising? You, the student through the high tuition fees. It is like a fish having to pay for the bait that it is caught with.

Community Colleges

California has one of the most amazing community college systems.You can do dozens of vocational classes without paying a cent except for books! I have set out to get some of the same qualifications that these trade schools offer and have found that I can get my A+ and CCNA training free!

A+ at Mid City and also West City (Point Loma) campuses, and CCNA at ECC and North City Center. There may be other courses to cover the Microsoft certifications. The San Diego community college district is a Microsoft partner so MCP, MCSA and MCSE are available if you really want them through the Windows Server classes at the North City Campus.

Remember, these classes are FREE!

OK, maybe it does cost a little bit. For the A+ class you have to buy a $10 tool kit.

There is no formal job placement service but even the expensive schools like Microskills can't guarantee anything.

Check out the site for info about free computer classes. You have to pay for the certification exams but again the colleges get a discounted rate on these too.

EDD ( Employment Development Department)

EDD (California's Employment Development Department) has got some classes and you can get recorded information at 619 683 2197.


So do your research, and save yourself some money. You may have to go back to the expensive schools to get particular qualifications or to take advantage of their "job placement guarantees", but why give them more that they deserve.

If you want to go into the law which governs the private vocational schools like Microskills or New Horizons in California, you can find it at Chapter 7 of the California Education Code. Sections 94859 is particularly pertinent. If you have a complaint about a school call the Bureau at (916) 445-3427. You can also contact the lenders, such as Sallie Mae, who have a vested interest in the loans they make being paid back.

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Reviews Of Some Of The Larger Schools

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