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Feedback about the San Diego IT Schools

One school admissions counselor did contact us, and here is his note. He is certainly one of the good guys in the industry, a real education enthusiast.

My name is Jon Cleary. I am the admissions advisor that you talked with while gathering information for your story. I would like to commend you on the overall content of your article with only a few points deserving of correction.
The campus is an old bowling alley, yes. However, as you are well aware the quality of one's education is not measured by the history of the building being used but the quality of the instructor/student relationship.

With regard to your choice of alumni statements. I am sorry you chose to search out those obviously unhappy students rather than requesting or searching out a few of the many successful graduates within our committee. There is never any guarantee of employment either written or implied offered to potential students. We are very careful in presenting our career services as assistance rather than a guarantee of employment. Were you able to view this written guarantee the student referred to or had he conveniently "lost it"?

The less than flattering statement regarding the creditability of our Best Business/Vocational School selection was not in keeping with your effort to produce an objective report that stands on facts.

The facts are that if it were just a case of money, ITT, Devry, National, UOP and yes even the Community Colleges spend FAR more on advertising than the budget of a small private, non-profit institution like COLEMAN COLLEGE allows for.

As I stated at the beginning, I enjoyed your article very much and would like to extend an invitation to actually visit our campus. I would enjoy sharing some of the history of Coleman College, our philosophies, and several reasons why Coleman College is a deal when compared to the alternatives you expressed in your article.

I hope to hear from you soon and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

Jon T Cleary

To Jon we replied:

My only exception to your remarks is your statement that we only sought out unhappy students. One said "Having Coleman on your resume will at least help you get an interview. As Coleman has been around a long time, there is a strong alumni connection in some organizations".

That is a positive comment as far as I am concerned.

The bowling alley stuff obviously doesn't reflect on the learning quality. One may as well complain about Harvard being full of "old" buildings. But it is an interesting eccentricity of the campus. I may revise the phrasing there.

The student attended about 18 years ago who made the comment about the guarantee. Things may have been different then. I will note that on the site.

San Diego IT School Feedback (continued)

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