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Microskills San Diego Computer Certification School
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Microskills Student Feedback
See How Students Are Responding To The Closure Of Microskills And Send In Your Own Comments.

What To Do If Your IT Training School Closes
Find Out What To Do To Protect Your Student Loan Money And Information Technology Career.

San Diego Computer School Reviews
Reviews Of Computer Colleges In San Diego, Including Microskills And Laptop Training Solutions.

San Diego Technical Training Alternatives
Some Other Ways Of Getting Cheap Or Free Computer And Technical Training In San Diego, CA.

San Diego Vocational School Feedback
What People Say About The IT Schools In San Diego And Our Consumer Information And Review Site.

Computer Certifications such as MCSE, CCNA, etc
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What To Do If Your Computer School Closes

California resident students and their student loan lenders are protected when a school closes and the students can't complete the courses paid for. Students of IT schools such as Microskills and Laptop Training Solutions may be particularly interested in this.

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education (BPPVE) and the Student Tuition Reimbursement Fund (STRF)

The Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education (BPPVE) administers the fund Student Tuition Reimbursement Fund (STRF) that pays back the students and their lenders.

That will have to be coordinated through the BPPVE. Their website is

The bad news is that it can take up to three years for the tuition to be refunded if what a former Laptop Training Solutions student told us is reliable.

Microskills Closure

Please keep coming back to this site. We hope to have some advice for former Microskills students, many of who have now had their immediate hopes of a career in information technology destroyed.

Many Microskills teaching and support staff will have lost their livelihoods as well.

Check our links to the left for more advice and alternatives.

Here is what Cory O'Connor who went through the Laptop Training Solutions debacle wrote:

I worked closely with Gene from BPPVE with regards to Laptop and all students that requested a refund got it with in six months do to the over whelming response they received.  I am sure the same thing will take place here.  The sooner people get the applications in the sooner they will get money back.  I personally got mine back with in a month of Laptop closing.

Everyone has to be sure they fill out every part of the application and attach all loan documentation they have.  Be sure that what is sent with the application is only a copy.  Do not send the original loan documents to anyone.  I sent three copies of all documents even though it only asks for one.  I know how the government works.  Things get lost.  Another point is to be sure any mailing of documents to BPPVE is done by certified mailing return receipt requested.  I know you will have to pay a little more for this but trust me it is well worth it.  I know students that never got money back from laptop as well but it is because they did not get the applications done right and they did not have all the loan documents as well as it was not sent certified priority mail receipt requested.  I helped my friend last time with laptop and I will be helping him this time too.  If any Micro Skills student has questions about the application or who to deal with at BPPVE I am happy to help them.  I want everyone to know it is ok to contact me.  I will email back in and post an email address as soon as one is set up
dedicated to contact from Micro Skills students and staff.

Cory has offered to help or advise anyone who wishes to get assistance. You can phone him on 619-464-7400, and he has set up a special email address to reach him.

This should be of interest to people who are wanting an answer to the financial question: Student Aid web site Chris

Keep coming back to the site. If you are interested in continuing your education, use the resources and links we have here. Let everyone know that is there to help.

This was posted on another board "I just called the BPPVE (Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education - about the closure of MicroSkills. They say they've had quite a few calls about it today, but they only found out about it this morning. They say their school closure hotline and website will probably be updated tomorrow to reflect the closure, so I suggest you check back in a couple of days to see what your options are. 
Their number is (916) 445 3427, just cut to the operator and ask to put you through to the schools closure hotline."

Yeah, this is pretty rough.
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