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Microskills San Diego Computer Certification School
This School Is In The News. Get All The Background Here. Watch Our Home Page For The Latest News.

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Microskills San Diego Computer Training School

Microskills is now closed. See our home page for the latest news.

The Microskills web site now simply says:

We regret to inform you that Microskills has ceased operations effective October 20, 2006.

Please contact Richard Kipperman at for additional information.

Students may also be contacted directly by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education(BPPVE). Their website is

Firouz Memarzadeh is the owner of Microskills. He used to have an office next door for his main company, PARS Assets. I don't know if they are still there or not. He may want to respond to any concerned students.

7310 Miramar Road, Suite 500
San Diego, CA 92126

For Microskills historical information read below.

In San Diego, California, the highest profile educational institution peddling the benefits of getting A+, MCSE, CCNA or other computer certifications, computer education or computer training with them, is Microskills. To accord this school the importance it deserves, we have set up this page dedicated specifically to it.

If you have attended Microskills computer training center and feel it is has benefited you, or you have been ripped off, please contact us.


(closed October 2006)

Quality of facilities A
Price C-
Accessibility B-
Hours B-
Accreditation None

Owned by real estate millionaire, Firouz Memarzadeh, and formerly run by Utah computer training school administrative veteran, Bart Richmond (not his real name), this school was the big dog in the San Diego pound. Iranian immigrant Memarzadeh's deep pockets (and the high cost of tuition) mean that they have a advertising budget unmatched by any of their competitors. Like all tall poppies, they are the main target for anyone dubious about the promises of this segment of the industry or for competitors aiming to undermine alternatives.

This school was definitely Bart Richmond's baby (not his real name). He built it from its start in 1999, left in 2002 to try his hand at other enterprises. There was a court case between Microskills and the Richmonds (Bart's wife Joy Richmond (not her real name)worked there too) in 2002 but the case was settled and everyone must be good friends again as he returned to Microskills in 2004 to restore it to its former glory. As to the outcome of the other businesses he involved himself in while out of the Microskills cradle it is up to you to determine. Bart and Joy Richmond (not their real names) left Microskills for good in 2005.

You can expect to be committing yourself to a minimum of $20,000 to enroll in a program leading to an MCSE and CCNA certification. That is before interest. As with most of these schools, where the majority of students are motivated to escape financial problems, the students problems, and thus a lousy credit history and rating, so they are going to be faced with high interest rates on their tuition. Maybe around 15%. A good rule of thumb is that the loan amount doubles with interest. Borrow 20K, you end up paying 40K back.

Unlimited attempts at the certification exams (conditions apply). Very proud of their practical assessment program, the IT Practicum. Have a GI Bill program.

Encounter with Microskills Owner

A former student met with owner Firouz Memarzadeh and former Microskills director Charlie Kesinger in a very interesting random encounter. You can read about it here.


There was a picture of Charlie here, but I got the following anonymous email:

Below is the result of your feedback form.  It was submitted by San Diego Computer School Contact Form Submission ( on Tuesday, May 15, 2007 at 18:30:43

clientname: FYI

Comment: The photos on the Microskills employees are from a copy righted website.  You need writen permision from Vision to Media to use the photos.  Please remove them.
Thank you

I responded

Dear Anonymous

thank you, I will take them down. But surely the copyright is owned by the client as they paid you for them. Unless they didn't pay you either! You may want to change the copyright notice on the site.

Paul Gilchrist

Anonymous then wrote me back, spoofing and mispelling my name as Paul Guilcrest in the from address, thanking me. I suspect it wasn't Vision2media as they would have gotten their company name right.

Looking at the logs it looks like someone who was doing a Google search on Charlie and microskills just after sending me the email. That person then went and did a search on charlie kesinger.

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