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San Diego Technical Training Alternatives
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San Diego Vocational School Feedback
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Computer Certifications such as MCSE, CCNA, etc
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Feedback about the San Diego IT Schools

In this section are some of the feedback that we have received about the San Diego computer schools. First off, an amusing story that proves that sex does sell.

I'd just crashed and burned a carreer as a stockbroker, and become bored out of my mind loading and deburring parts at a machine shop.

Someone told me that computers were check out some schools. And check them out I did. I went to about six of them, and each and every one had two elements: A cute, girl-next-door type that worked the front desk, and a busty bombshell beauty in a cleavage revealing outfit that served as an "enrollment counselor" of sorts. In each situation, the enrollment counselor seemed to ask what you wanted to do....then just sat and listened, and tried to get you to sign on. If you asked any technical questions, it became clear that she didn't know anything....

Well, I finally settled on a now-defuct school. Their entire program was six months, start to finish, and I got the green light to skip one term. During the interview, I saw the cute girl at the front desk. "Where's the one with the big boobs?", I asked myself. I was shown around the premises by a faculty was clear that this was not his normal duty. As I looked around the classroom, I kept asking myself...."where is she?".

Around the end of the tour, I began to think that this place was different....that the cute girl at the front desk was a coincedence, and that this outfit was a bit more on the up-and-up. I was shook hands with the founders, and prepared to leave when I rounded the corner and SHAZAM!!! There she was, long brown hair, a deadly array of come-hither makeup and breathtaking cleavage from a pair of 36DD's staring me straight in the face.

I wound up going to this school. Once I signed on, the girl-next-door at the front desk ceased to smile at me, but took on a personality more like that of a bitter divorcee... The enrollment counselor rarely talked with any of the students.

I got a job almost right out of the program doing tech support for Acer, and six months later had found a job administering a 50 user Novell 3.12 network. All in all, it worked out ok....but these days, I think they're throwing people into a oversaturated market....

The IT training college I worked at had an attractive counselor too. Her sales were excellent. It is amazing how hormone driven young men will turn off their critical faculties when some young woman bats her eyelashes and tosses her hair.

San Diego IT School Feedback (continued)

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