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Feedback From Microskills Students (continued)

If you want to send in your concerns or just vent your frustration and anger, use our Contact Page.

We would LOVE to hear from any former Microskills staff members.

LISTEN UP!!!! I was there this morning and as of noon today i was told we will be on the kusi 5pm news and ch 10 newws also.  As far as us, we stick together, we continue studing and helpin each other out, kelcy and drew from lab will stand beside us, also chuck, and a few others are settin up a forum and a remailer so that we can stay in contact, if you are interested, then send me an email and i will have u added.  I can  not stress enough, that i will fight for not only my money, but yours too! my email is Adrian(the natty dread)

As of 3pm today i have new info as far microskills is concerned, i have talked to the people at coleman college and i have been informed that the president is working with the state to get us transfered to coleman college loans and all.... contact ida at leave your 1st and last name and a phone #

Also i will be at MS tomorrow @8am to pass it on Adrian

What about Firouz Memarzadeh's other assets does me make a profit from that and is there any way we can reimbursement from that money. Thoroughly pissed!!!! Aaron

I need to find a few students from Microskills for an interview with Fox 6 news. I just met with them and they are looking for a few more to interview if possible.  Unfortunately, I do not have any way to get a hold of them.  If there is any way you can reach them, please have them call me at 619.384.5986.  Thanks. Andy

FYI, I sent an email to the BPPVE.  They didn't hear about the closure until this morning.  They also seemed to be in the dark about the property being sold by MSkill's owner's other company PARS assets for a ludicrous amount of money.  So, the wheels are turning. Justin

I'm deeply saddened by this turn of events. Like many who went there, I was working hard to get my certs and put in alot of time into that place. I restructured my life to go to this school. Gave up time I could have spent with friends and family just to "study for the next exam". I also made some great friends there and regret not having exchanged contact info with them. I took for granted that the school would be always be there, since it had such a long history. But alas, now I have to hope for some miracle to happen. To Eric and Gill, shoot me an email at To all those I knew, I wish you the best and I hope we can all get thru this and get what we have all worked so hard for. Laters! Garrett

Where's the "Easy" button when you need it ? Edgurd

Thanks Paul. The outpouring of support from people off your site is amazing. Sure makes something like this all that more bareable. I definately will keep coming to your site not just about this but because it is loaded with great people who care and lots of very good information. Dean

Our response: It is amazing how so many people have stepped up to the plate and offered to coordinate and communicate with their fellows during this crisis. It restores my faith in humanity. Paul

I just talked to Lisa at BPPVE and they are hoping to send a rep down to the school on Mon to have a meeting with everyone about their options. If you have completed tests and have certifications you may only be entitled to a partial refund (for what you didnt get) or transfers may definitely be a possibility. We shall see, Im curious about the above post saying the owner sold Microskills for a very large sum of money. Who bought it and are they going to reopen the school? Chris

Our Response: he didn't sell the school, he sold the real estate of the Metroplex complex about a year ago. If you look at this site you will see a comment about the future of the school at the time.

WTF? I went out of town on Thursday after having gone to class for the day and came back Tuesday afternoon and Micrskills is closed....?Did I miss something.  I don't have any information on this, no email...nothing.  What the hell happened.  I am sooo confused.  Please if anyone can contact me to let me know what is going on I would greatly appreciate it. or 619.988.0867.John

I think that was a really brod statement you made.  I would not lean to say that where there is money to be made the way to do it is to shaft everyone else.  I do think some bad things took place but Are we really living in the shoos of any of the staff or those of witch made up the say in witch is to close down the school?  I am one that does not beleave everything I see online.  I do not want to sound like I am being rood here but I do think the best thing to do here is deal with STRF and go from there.  I myself have my hands in more then one thing at one time and that is all he was doing as well.  Yes for him it turned out bad but that doesn’t go to say it does for everyone or every time.  Please see my other email for more information.  To everyone else, Please keep the emails heading this way I will be happy to help.  Again the site is to go to.  I will be happy to help anyone.  Cory

For questions about student loans please refer the following website:

The following is an excerpt from that website. 

We will be responding to specific questions by e-mail beginning Wednesday, October 25th.

Thank you for your patience,

Renée Nowicki
Assistant to Richard M Kipperman

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is there to help.

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